How does the licencing work?

When you buy MASH you'll receive an email with your activation key. You'll notice it says '3 activations remaining'. That's because when you buy MASH as well as your single licence we also give you a further 2 free licences. The idea behind this is it enables you to install and register MASH on more than one version of Maya or OS.
This is different to network rendering which also comes free.
It's up to you to manage your own activations. i.e. if you install a personal copy on a work machine make sure you keep tabs on which machine it's registered on and that you deactivated it when you finish using MASH on a project. Deleting prefs, reinstalling or wiping drives will also kill licenses so please remember to deactivate before you do that.
MASH requires an internet connection to register but we do have an option for a node locked licence if for some reason you cannot access the internet from your machine. Please open a ticket and send us your ethernet/MAC address if you require this service.
Activations are used whenever you install MASH onto a different version of Maya or Machine. i.e. you could use 3 licences as follows:
1 x Maya 2014 on Machine 1 (win)
1 x Maya 2013 on Machine 1 (win)
1 x Maya 2014 on Machine 2 (osx)
1 x Maya 2015 on Machine 1 (osx)
1 x Maya 2015 on Machine 2 (win)
1 x Maya 2015 on Machine 3 (linux)
1 x Maya 2012 on Machine 1 (osx)
1 x Maya 2013 on Machine 1 (osx)
1 x Maya 2014 on Machine 1 (osx)
If you reach 3 activations and you want to move an activation then you can use the Register/Unregister dialogue to move licences.
e.g. You hit 3 activations but you no longer need one you've used for Maya 2013 on OSX.

Open Maya 2013 and then use the register/unregister dialogue to unregister Maya 2013 OSX.
You now have 1 activation available again.
Open Maya 2015 and then use the register/unregister dialogue to register Maya 2015.

In 3.0 we added a button in this dialogue to check how many activations you have available at any one time.
You can do this as many times as you like but it's up to you to manage where your activations are used.
We're looking into providing options for floating licences in the future but this is a cost issue more than anything else at this stage.
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