MASH 3.3



MASH is now available for Maya 2015 on Linux (tested on CentOS 6.5). If you were on the beta and want to register 3.3 with an existing or new licence then please deactivate your beta licence before installing 3.3.


Baking instancers to objects has been improved, you can now choose your channels and referenced objects inside namespaces, with namespaces, under namespaces referenced from a referenced namespace’s reference, should now work fine ;-)


We've given the icons a refresh.


Bug fixes:


It was possible to get jittery noise with very large scenes, this has been fixed.


MASH could cause Maya to crash when baking huge numbers of objects over hundreds of frames. This was a memory problem, and this can now be rectified with the memory and undo optimisations (on by default).

Baking can be made to happen much more quickly by closing the script editor, this will now happen by default when baking (there is a checkbox to disable this behaviour).


Fixed a crash when there are more tracer curves then points.



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