MASH 3.3.1

MASH 3.3.1


Note - barring any show stopping bugs, this is the final release for Maya 2012, 2013 and 2013.5.




Maya 2016 support


Basic RenderMan support:

RenderMan has incomplete support for Maya Particle Instancers so we’ve got a helper script that will export MASH networks to RenderMan. This support is very rudimentary; for more complete support (like updating MASH in the RenderMan IPR) that’s a question for  Pixar, as the problem is on their end.

This is a multi-step process but isn’t too difficult.

1. Add ‘mashToRenderMan;’ (without quotes) to the RenderMan/RIS Advanced Tab’s Ri Injection Points roll down.

2. Export your source geometry as RIB archives (File > Export Selected options > Export) - Make sure you turn on Shader export in the option box.

3. Add the file paths to the RIB archives to Waiter > Advanced > RenderMan Archives (RIBs) attribute. - When you save out a RIB archive, Maya will report the file path to the script editor, so you can just copy and paste it in.

You can comma separate multiple RIBs. If you add multiple paths, these will be treated as separate IDs by the MASH to RenderMan exporter.

4. Render!



If you have any curves selected when you add a Curve node, they will automatically be connected to the new node.

Curve Length Affects Speed: When you have multiple curves added to a Curve node, enabling this option will keep the objects moving around at the same speed.



There’s a new ‘Hide source geometry’ option menu under ‘Create MASH network’ when this option is on, your source objects will be hidden when you create a new MASH network. 



When using inInertiaPP to make a flock travel along a curve, the Gravitate Strength attribute can be used to attract the objects to the curve (to keep them as close to it as you like).


All nodes:

The Strength slider can now be set to a value greater then 1.0 and less then 0.0.



You can now activate and deactivate licences via a proxy server, this option is found in a new ‘Advanced’ roll out in the registration window.





This node would occasionally become unresponsive, this bug has been fixed, though as a result, the Waiter may not accurately display the point count when the distribution mode is set to either Grid or Voxel.



Added support for objects with pipes ‘|’ in their name.



Flight along a curve using inInertiaPP wasn’t working, this has been fixed.

Fixed a bug where not all points would reset properly.

Fixed a bug where one point would occasionally wander of on it’s own adventures.

Fixed a bug in the alignment code.



Animations using the Noise node that run across frame 0 are now supported.

Animations can now start as far back as frame -1000.



Fixed some rounding errors with this node. This affected objects travelling along closed curves (they wouldn’t quite loop correctly).

This node will now delete properly.



Improved Time Variance calculation (it’s now a lot more random).



Very high point counts sometimes let to points jumping around.

Uniform random was producing non random results.

The Enable checkbox now works correctly on this node.

Creating a project with hundreds of Random nodes could break your scene due to some strange Maya bug. This has been worked around and any previously broken scenes will now load correctly.



Step ID now works on the Replicator even when there is no ID input.

The ramps were all double nested in the Attribute Editor, this has been fixed.



When you add a mesh, the mode now switches to 'Orient to Mesh' automatically.



Improved random ID calculations.



Disabling rotation caused some very odd results. This has been fixed.


Influence / Delay / Inheritance / Distribute / Replicator / Blend / Symmetry / Transform:

Fixed a bug with the set-up of these nodes. It prevented the Transform and Replicator nodes from working when first in the node chain, and was occasionally not updating the number of objects on the Distribute node.



Whitespace is stripped from licences when registration takes place, so accidental spaces added to the start of end of the licence field no longer cause a problem.

Licence length is checked before registration takes place, so if you enter a letter accidentally at the end, you’ll be warned.


AE Exporter:

Fixed a problem with the export of lights.


Known Issue:

Maya 2016 introduces a new ‘Parallel Evaluation mode’, this speeds up a great many things in Maya, however, it has also been the cause of some odd MASH behaviour. We’ve spent time making MASH work with this new mode, but if there’s anything you find to not be working, please send us a project and we’ll look into it.

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