MASH 3.3.2

11/08/2015 - There was a bug in the original 3.3.2 release which meant rendering was broken. If you've already downloaded then we've overwritten the installers so either log-in to your account and download the installers again or you can also click the link in your order email.


MASH 3.3.2 for Maya 2016 / 2015




2016 Parallel Mode:

All nodes should now work in Parallel mode (Maya 2016’s default).



Fixed stepping that occurred in huge scenes when using Perlin noise.

Fixed a bug with Perlin Looping Z amplitude values.



Occasionally points would go bonkers with high random numbers, this has been fixed.



Falloff calculations are now slightly faster (spherical) and significantly faster (cubic).



The Distribute node has had it’s internal organs rearranged, meaning that Falloff Objects and Strength Maps should now work in a more intuitive way.

Random Seed now affects spherical animation.

When the number of points was set to 1 and you added a Distribute node, the single point disappeared. This has been fixed.

Windows only: Switching from Grid to Radial occasionally caused an error.



MASH uses less memory.



Flushing the undo queue now defaults to off.

Visibility is now baked correctly.


Please Note:

Selection set mode has been deprecated as it is incompatible with Maya 2016+, it will be removed in the future.

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